Setting up a metal building

24-Iyl, 2020
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Clips of setting up a steel building.

  • Great job Andrew you are the man

    Solid WorksSolid WorksKun oldin
  • excuse me

    Elvira MawardiniElvira MawardiniKun oldin
  • Did you use self-consolidating concrete? Didn't see any consolidating work?

    Patrick PluschokPatrick PluschokKun oldin
  • Andrew did Levi die ?? I didn't see him in the the other videos ??

    R KingR KingKun oldin
    • @Andrew Camarata oh good , I like Levi he's like me stubborn at getting old ... you do some great work I wish I was there to learn from you on hands it would help me heal with the loss of my wife and daughter.

      R KingR KingKun oldin
    • No, he is right next to me now. I just filmed a bunch of stuff with him today.

      Andrew CamarataAndrew CamarataKun oldin

    LONG LIVE 100长命百岁LONG LIVE 100长命百岁Kun oldin
  • Good vid again, the trees are still too close to the shed cheers.

    Russelle WannellRusselle WannellKun oldin
  • Some more of a forest has been disappeared for the sake of a metal construction.

    Kadir ORUÇKadir ORUÇ3 kun oldin
  • Put your shirt on nobody wants to see that I enjoy your videos until you take your shirt off then I have to stop watching

    Michael PettyMichael Petty3 kun oldin
  • Before now I had never seen rims spin inside the tires like when Andrew was getting that scissor lift on the flatbed.

    ShananmbShananmb4 kun oldin
  • Excellent work! Greetings from Buenos Aires, Argentina

    Juan CobelloJuan Cobello5 kun oldin
  • waste in unnecessary use of heavy equipment and materials

    ERA NEWS 21ERA NEWS 215 kun oldin
  • That brige is veri strong .

    Edward MartinezEdward Martinez6 kun oldin
  • Hi Andrew! Great videos, I love your channel. I see you put rock in basement. In Russia we put sand or river gravel because they say a rock gravel contains radiation.

    mizhganmizhgan6 kun oldin
  • The ⚒Magnificent Handy Man ⚒ this should be the channel's name been binge watching your videos for a while.. is there anything you can't do?

    Low RiderLow Rider7 kun oldin
  • whats the function of the machine at (12:01) ?

    neo reso02neo reso027 kun oldin
    • The machine is making the concrete base even more smooth. It is usually used to make the smooth surface for floor coating, for example epoxy coating that needs a very smooth surface since the coating itself is ~5mm in thickness.

      Linas VaičiukynasLinas Vaičiukynas4 kun oldin
  • ok bravo bel lavoro

    franco maccariofranco maccario8 kun oldin
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  • Camarata...missing music

    Tahir RizviTahir Rizvi8 kun oldin
  • Are they using geothermal?

    tim kisertim kiser11 kun oldin
  • wtf is up with your fish eye lens? u work for nasa??

    Adam *Adam *13 kun oldin
  • Пёс норм. Это всё, что норм.

    TroLLTroLL13 kun oldin
  • UZworld is broken why am i seeing this video now

    Jfox 315Jfox 31514 kun oldin
  • Все круто... Технология и место под дом

    Ez EfEz Ef18 kun oldin
  • Nice 👍

    Ella HosokawaElla Hosokawa19 kun oldin
  • Hey Levi! Oh and hello Andrew! Dudes I've been following for many years and did subscribe. I enjoyed the videos. Where Mrs. Kettleworth from 9th grade couldn't inspire me to be more productive in life...a simple fun video from you and Levi did spark my imagination into another level. I recently purchased about 20 acres mostly cleared along a river and partly separated by a stream. I recently purchased a small Wheel Horse tractor with a few attachments. I recently purchased a utility trailer. I'm looking for a medium-sized dog. Although my end game is different from yours the adventures of Andrew and Levi have guided me in many ways. Thanx and keep up the great work and attitude.

    L RelerfordL Relerford20 kun oldin
  • Was that a kit? Or did he design it and buy all the parts separately?

    John P BondrewJohn P Bondrew22 kun oldin
    • kit

      Andrew CamarataAndrew Camarata22 kun oldin
  • Do you know any info about this structure? Thinking about buying some land soon and would like to do a similar setup with maybe a 2 car garage and a living space in one, looks pretty straight forward to put together.

    Chris CheekChris Cheek22 kun oldin
  • Hai man, i just wanna ask something. How deep is the foundation from the slab surface? Because i curious about it, and... is it strong enough to restrain soil movement or something seismic load ,you know ?

    RendiRendi22 kun oldin
  • Is this a Behlens building.

    Dirt Worx PhotographyDirt Worx Photography24 kun oldin
  • Andrew, have you seen this? I watch this guy build a camper and thought, I'd really like to see how Andrew would approach the same build.

    Will CameronWill Cameron26 kun oldin
  • thanks 4 video. be kind

    1944chevytruck1944chevytruck27 kun oldin
  • setting up

    kamaroway güntherkamaroway günther27 kun oldin

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  • They didnt teach you how to set up not even the beams there are just showing of what was done 👎

    Jender ArevaloJender ArevaloOy oldin
  • Thats in big foots back yard..

    Jender ArevaloJender ArevaloOy oldin
  • What were the dimensions of the building and what were the specs on that crane?

    Albert ChoAlbert ChoOy oldin
  • Glad the little wooden bridge held up...

    tazaxx21tazaxx21Oy oldin
  • That like agin was clowney truly don't this clown I put my drowns what do u want to hell not you wanna be

    Carl BarstowCarl BarstowOy oldin
  • Levi aint walking so good these days :(

    RandyB143RandyB143Oy oldin
  • Hello, bro, you might want to consider installing a trailer jack on each side of the rear end of your own heavy equipment trailer, just like this guy did to his. That will certainly make your loading and unloading much easier and smoother.

    jkwo2007jkwo2007Oy oldin
  • Reminds me of my teenage years, throwing concrete was one of my first jobs

    Sharky's MachineSharky's MachineOy oldin
  • termites do not support this type of construction

    JOE 90JOE 90Oy oldin
  • Andrew, do you do work in Red Hook?

    AnthonyAnthonyOy oldin
    • Maybe, not always a big fan of crossing that bridge.

      Andrew CamarataAndrew CamarataOy oldin
  • 3:03 the moment you see ur dad with the belt

  • Could you add about 7 more commercials ? The 6 you had were longer total than the total length of the video.

    San FranciscoSan FranciscoOy oldin
  • How much did you pay for that ?

    Joe AviJoe AviOy oldin
  • I love it

    Joe AviJoe AviOy oldin
  • Weres this place at eneways anyone ?

    Mario EstradaMario EstradaOy oldin
  • your video is so good, let's do well together, see you guys again

    Invention Tech HDInvention Tech HDOy oldin
  • Another great video from you, Andrew. I love the countryside in your state; is it up state NY?? I live in NZ so just guessing.

    Chris ReaChris ReaOy oldin
  • Why pour concrete on the 2nd floor?

    MilkCapMilkCapOy oldin
    • MilkCap why not? What else would you use?

      Andrew CamarataAndrew CamarataOy oldin
  • It took your client a long time to complete this just to that stage.

    Ken ShoresKen ShoresOy oldin
  • What is this in red color and what is this purposes

  • Gostei Abraço aqui. De várzea s.p. Brasil

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  • Nothing new wasted video

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  • How about that bridge, my hats off to who ever built it.

    Robert OttwellRobert OttwellOy oldin
  • Man its been long since you last posted your works whats going on???

    isaac Chingwenaisaac ChingwenaOy oldin
  • Whats the ball ark cost on a garage like that?

    Charlie DeltaCharlie DeltaOy oldin
  • Не по русски делают, бетон не проходят вибратором, нет маяков уровня, хрена он там палкой бетон гладит. Один край по борту а второй на глазок.

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  • 1972 called and wants it's inefficient floor heating system back

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  • какое дерьмо строители

    ерболат алдангароверболат алдангаровOy oldin
  • Americans forever built in wood or forest their shield, cabin, long-cabin...

    Giana BasiGiana BasiOy oldin
  • 13:00~ポツンと一軒家じゃなかですたい♪

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  • What drone are you using?

    Tom UlcakTom UlcakOy oldin

    большой закарючкинбольшой закарючкинOy oldin
  • I had this video in fast forward the music sounds better faster.

    McBastard_TvMcBastard_TvOy oldin
  • Andrew, Awesome video, great content, enjoyed watching and thanks for sharing your video.!.!.!.

    Jerry ColemanJerry ColemanOy oldin
  • watching him get that scissor machine onto that trailer puckered my butt up real good

    Roberto FernandezRoberto FernandezOy oldin
  • what part of new york is this? if this is even NY

    Roberto FernandezRoberto FernandezOy oldin
  • Русский первый комментарий)

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  • Very good

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  • Please give me house

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  • Opening scene, totally remember that bridge build! Way to go Andrew 15:25 the hi-lift......freaking hysterical. NY allows double trailers with both on balls not gooseneck or?

    Mike RosenbergerMike RosenbergerOy oldin

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  • Заєбісь, молодець!

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  • Loving the videos man!! Just subscribed today.!! What drone are you using? Those shots are smooth and crystal clear!

    Richard StephensRichard StephensOy oldin
  • I put a small jack stand under the end of my trailers when loading vehicles. On one of my trailers, I welded a pair of jacks on the corners. Love your videos dude, be safe.

    48Dodger48DodgerOy oldin
  • Andrew my friend, you run a risky life. LENDING your equipment like that at "a guy" is hazardus to say the least. Been there, done that. Never again. Especially your Kubota digger in a so hard terrain. "Oh, it was like that when we startes it" is something I heard so many times - from "friends". My moto is "if a guy is too poor to rent, he's too poor to fix any damage". So, since many years now, it's a polite NO. Sorry, but no.

    Marc René YvonMarc René YvonOy oldin
  • Safety harness !!!

    Khaled_KKhaled_K2 oy oldin
  • That dog would realy get on my nerves

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  • I hate people like Andrew

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  • Another Garbage job from Andrew the dumb digger

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  • Andrew is Joe dirt

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  • Who built the bridge man 😝

    Acoustic RohitAcoustic Rohit2 oy oldin
  • Man, I'd just put a block under the trailer tongue and Jack that instead.

    daniel bucknerdaniel buckner2 oy oldin
  • Abooala AdreesAbooala Adrees2 oy oldin
  • Essa casa é maravilhosa👏🎉👏🇧🇷🌼

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  • mate i wonder if your starting to make more money of youtube now than all your hard work ahahahah amazing man keep it up yo

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  • No real foundation, to slim thickness, only one steel layer inside, to much big tools and workers on place. It should be expensive for low time life, and low quality. And your truck never give all the gravels, where the last one gone? Did your client paid also for the one you don't give him?

    DGDG0000000DGDG00000002 oy oldin
  • 17:28 Anyone know what's that song!? You've always got great picks for music Andrew. 🎶

    Kris GeeKris Gee2 oy oldin
  • Metal or wood , if they want your house burned, they have the technology for.

    Vr DasVr Das2 oy oldin
  • I wonder how often Chuck Norris comes by for motivation?????? We need a nation of Andrews!!! THAT would make America great again!!!!

    Dave NelsonDave Nelson2 oy oldin
  • Is it a metal building kit? If so who did you purchase from? What pitch is the roof? Thank you so much for your help!!

    Kristen LangstonKristen Langston2 oy oldin
    • Yeah, that was a kit. I am not sure where he got it. Plenty of places selling those.

      Andrew CamarataAndrew Camarata2 oy oldin
  • His bridge held up great when that cement truck rolled over it.

    TimTim2 oy oldin
    • I was watching closely when the cement truck rolled over the bridge.... didn't see it budge an inch!!

      Dave NelsonDave Nelson2 oy oldin
  • 18:58 Inspector Levi making OSHA proud, wearing hi-vis on an active worksite.

    CrudusViscusCrudusViscus2 oy oldin