Refurbishing a 5 ton equipment trailer

11-Iyl, 2019
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Refurbishing a 5 ton equipment trailer:
0:00 explaining the project
1:44 remove wood deck
3:32 fixing broken frame
12:00 cutting diamond plate inner fenders/metal decking
16:05 paint wheels, installing wheel bearing
23:23 welding down deck
36:14 installing lights
41:05 tilt trailer to weld bottom
50:00 painting
1:01:34 wiring lights
1:11:44 installing reflective tape
1:12:18 talking about wood vs steel deck
1:18:02 First time using trailer, moving antique tractor to parade
1:21:38 stickers/moving a small car
1:25:28 Talking about tying down equipment
1:34:36 Bringing tracked skid steer to a small job
1:40:18 towing a pickup truck
Tools I used:
Paint sprayer:
Solder tool:
shrink tube:
solder/shrink tube:
heat gun:
solder holder:
Welding stuff: cheaper at your local weld shop

  • Perfect day for painting outdoors!

    Robert HartshornRobert Hartshorn23 soat oldin
  • I like your channel so much, glad i found it. Love your chill style and knowledge

    DeckenlampeeDeckenlampeeKun oldin
  • Did you do the engine fit ?

    Hedge HogHedge Hog2 kun oldin
  • Is there anything he can’t work on? He fixes anything that runs or has moving parts. Very talented. I enjoy all his videos.

    naphza1naphza13 kun oldin

    RK Harm24RK Harm244 kun oldin
  • ANDREW, I know this is over a year old, HOW about adding some CLEAR LIGHTS on the REAR for BACK-UP??

    RK Harm24RK Harm244 kun oldin
  • You made a brand new trailer !

    themudhutt1themudhutt14 kun oldin
  • 3rd time watching this andrew i need more of ur video's love them all

    Chris WhiteheadChris Whitehead5 kun oldin
  • That tractor is soo cool!!!

    Rodolfo PlasenciaRodolfo Plasencia5 kun oldin
  • Derek over on Vice Grip Garage would be really impressed by your skills with the plasma cutter, which he calls the "Lightning Scissors". .

    Richard AkinsRichard Akins7 kun oldin
  • OMG I dub this video the funniest of all time on you tube lol

    Wannabe Sawyer WattWannabe Sawyer Watt7 kun oldin
  • 12:00 How does he say nothing at all when this happens. That's got to be worth a "Fuck" at least.

    Seán O'NilbudSeán O'Nilbud8 kun oldin
  • dude, use a shot of oil, wd-40, compressor crank oil, hell even Bar And Chain oil is good. ANYTHING when you're drilling steel like that. your drills are absolutely burning up, you had heat-blue chips coming out. a hole that size really should not need a clamp to keep the pressure on it

    HyratelHyratel8 kun oldin
  • Question does the trailer have any type of breaking on it other than ones on the vehicle pulling it

    jerry daltonjerry dalton10 kun oldin
  • Honestly I must say,this is the first video i've watched over an hour long and was disappointed it ended sigh.GREAT video man and keep it up.Oh is the trailer for sale????

    BUGGEE0BUGGEE011 kun oldin
    • BUGGEE0 glad to hear that, I have plenty other videos to watch though, a good percentage of them are of equal quality. No, I’ve been using this trailer,

      Andrew CamarataAndrew Camarata11 kun oldin
  • That thing on tour soldier iron is called a strain relief

    paquitos hammerpaquitos hammer12 kun oldin
  • Nice rebuild. But fyi, when your drilling thru high carbon steel, try drilling at a slower drill speed, it makes things easier, and not as hard on drill bits.

    Rickey BurkeRickey Burke12 kun oldin
  • It looks good

    Nate the Great fnNate the Great fn13 kun oldin
  • Нихрена непонятно, но очень интересно.

    dron5171dron517113 kun oldin
  • One of those "I might as well" jobs You know, you could have washed the tractor first.

    Bobs YouruncleBobs Youruncle14 kun oldin
  • do you trust that paint+primer in one stuff?

    superunknown ?superunknown ?15 kun oldin
  • "Comes with a free mouse" who later jumped to his death. LOL

    Texas Star ArsenalTexas Star Arsenal16 kun oldin
  • You have way to many tools for one man

    Frank WolfFrank Wolf16 kun oldin
  • I have so much respect for you Andrew 👍👍

    Step 57Step 5717 kun oldin
    • Thanks

      Andrew CamarataAndrew Camarata17 kun oldin
  • Always good seeing people taking care of there tools and equipment

  • Good video. I did feel he should have braced both sides of the trailer chassis the same way though, there may have been hairline cracks unseen to the naked eye.

    Bob BonnerBob Bonner18 kun oldin
  • where is this place looks like the middle of nowhere

    BvdaBvda18 kun oldin
  • “Don’t let your dogs watch you weld” Can’t have the dogs learning how to weld!

    Joe OvermoeJoe Overmoe19 kun oldin
  • How u tucked the metal under the edge that is how i strap down planks when owner wants plank insted of drilling fasteners that will cause rust

    Eric LakotaEric Lakota20 kun oldin
  • You realy dont want to srew the tralor decking down that much because it puts holes in your steel and you want to make it easy to rip up when it gets worn i dont screw them down inless costomer wants i us 3-4 steel straps one at each end atleast one over the center. And hold the boards with that and evey one loves it and their asent fasteners to put holes in planks and holes in steel rusting with fasteners ive decked 1 trailor 3 times in 20 years

    Eric LakotaEric Lakota20 kun oldin
  • Basicaly one is a car trailor and one is equipment trailor

    Eric LakotaEric Lakota20 kun oldin
  • I do love the castle, looks like it was built from containers.

    Keith SawyerKeith Sawyer21 kun oldin
  • Awesome, learn something every video ! Great job !!!!!!

    David RobinsonDavid Robinson22 kun oldin
  • Great video. I'm mesmerized

    Bobbi CadeBobbi Cade22 kun oldin

    Mad Greek OutdoorsMad Greek Outdoors23 kun oldin
    • helping hands.

      Andrew CamarataAndrew Camarata22 kun oldin
  • I WAS BORN JULY 12 2012

    Jason TarrJason Tarr24 kun oldin

    Jason TarrJason Tarr24 kun oldin
  • TIM from Canada if you were thinking of it you could’ve brought your bobcats parking out in front of your door with your forks and when you’re taking off your wood you lay the wood across your forks so you do not have to pick it up twice this goes for anyone that is working on a trailer that is access to a skid steer if you were doing this this saves you a lot of time. And you do not have to pick this up twice

    TIm NashTIm Nash25 kun oldin
  • Don't you need that 7 pin connector for the trailer brakes? I think the 4 pin is just for the lights, but I could be wrong.

    Jack PeltzelJack Peltzel26 kun oldin
    • This trailer has surge brakes. No electrical connection needed for them to operate.

      Andrew CamarataAndrew Camarata25 kun oldin
  • Wonder what happened to Mr Jingles.

    wayne goffwayne goff26 kun oldin
  • Your engineering and work ethic is incredible. 👍

  • I haven't read all the 5000+++ comments but if anyone was wondering why Andrew flipped the diamond plate over before cutting it the reason is it's a lot easier to make a good cut when your on the smooth side. Hope this helps someone that is just starting out in metal fab. Great video

    Jerome SuggsJerome Suggs28 kun oldin
  • That is NOT how you chain down equipment. It's pulling front to back not side to side. IF YOUR GOING TO MAKE INFO VIDEOS.. ... ACTUALLY KNOW WHAT YOUR DOING! AND YOU HAVE.... TO.... HAVE......A PIPE... OR A LATCHING BAR ON THE LATCH STYLE BINDERS. IDIOT!

    K A H M'S performanceK A H M'S performance28 kun oldin
  • What an idiot! Painted over rust. Didn't clean any ground connections that he bolted up. Not only stupid and not safe but incredibly LAZY!

    K A H M'S performanceK A H M'S performance28 kun oldin
    • That paint is meant to go over rust. Lets see a video of you fixing a trailer.

      Andrew CamarataAndrew Camarata28 kun oldin
  • Does Solder now have a silent L ? Sorry I know all Americans say sodder but WHY?

    XRP MoneyXRP Money28 kun oldin
    • @wayne goff Because it is spelled SOLDER. How do Americans say Soldier? Soddier!

      XRP MoneyXRP Money24 kun oldin
    • Why do Brits say "solder"?

      wayne goffwayne goff26 kun oldin
  • Well done mate 👍 a jack of all trades! 👌👍.

    Louis ArmstrongLouis Armstrong28 kun oldin
  • Dude, great job on the jet ski fix-up videos! I watched that one about a week ago, and I've now watched you build a castle, built a roof on top of that castle, buy several vehicles, make a driveway, dig a pool, fix a trailer, make a hot tub, used EVERY tool I've dreamed of owning, operated the coolest machinery, and live in an unbelievable setting. I need to adjust my goals, and build, create, and share more!

    Scotty E from the AScotty E from the A28 kun oldin
  • If I had the money and skills he had, I would refurbish my own 6ft transfer trailer in a heart beat

    superunknown ?superunknown ?28 kun oldin
  • thanks 4 video. be kind.,,;;[]

    1944chevytruck1944chevytruck29 kun oldin
  • fascinating to watch you there anything you cant do?...great video

    Barbara CollinsBarbara Collins29 kun oldin
  • Too many ads. UK

    Lorraine ReevesLorraine Reeves29 kun oldin
  • @01:03:20, the thing for the cord, is a 'Strain Relief'. It enables the cord to be moved around without stressing it against the edge of the outlet hole. Grab a bunch and keep them in a drawer box somewhere. I found this on the web.

    KizzKizz29 kun oldin
  • Andrew, the wood will distribute the load across at least 3 cross members. The steel can not do that because it can bend. Granted you use mostly tracked vehicles, from what I can see, but 1/8" steel would not be the best thing to use in most cases, in general. That's why the deck was made of wood. Put a wheeled vehicle on the deck and see what I mean.

    Alex TAlex TOy oldin
    • @Andrew Camarata Exactly. I missed that for some reason. Excellent. Thank you for the info.

      Alex TAlex TOy oldin
    • Alex T yeah. It’s welded to all of them. That adds a ton of strength because it won’t stretch.

      Andrew CamarataAndrew CamarataOy oldin
    • @Andrew Camarata I'm glad it worked out. I wanted to ask if the steel was fastened to the cross members or not? Good job.

      Alex TAlex TOy oldin
    • Alex T The steel has more rigidity than the wood, a year later and I’m very happy with the steel deck, and I recommend it over a wood one.

      Andrew CamarataAndrew CamarataOy oldin
  • Use paint cutter hardware for grounds.

    Alex TAlex TOy oldin
  • Seems somewhat ridiculous that they didn't extend the lower member back to the leafspring bracket, or to the end of the bed. Why leave a gap? Not engineered. Hatchet job.

    Alex TAlex TOy oldin
  • absolutely gorgeous functionality! as always, great job. God bless you guys.

    pastor tinio, jrpastor tinio, jrOy oldin
  • Use a half clamp and make life easier when welding seams

    Charles HallCharles HallOy oldin
  • Epic episode! You did a tremendous job refurbing that trailer. You have grown from a guy that digs holes into a hardcore DIY channel. This took a lot of filming and editing and was very impressive. Perhaps that's why you have 700,000 people subscribed!

    CratecruncherCratecruncherOy oldin
  • This is my first time watching your video but all I can say that they are amazing and very informative I learned more watching this video than I did in school

    steel chief30steel chief30Oy oldin
  • The parade was cool. Love this channel.

    Tim HaneyTim HaneyOy oldin
  • 1:35:00 If you dont want to lose those bolts, use temporary bolt glue (medium strenght - these bolts can be opened again) at the lower 30% of the screw thread. Its sold by Loctite or Liqui Moly..! Its also sold as "threadlocker" at amazon...

    Hermann FrohHermann FrohOy oldin
  • I wish I could give this more than just 1 “thumbs up”. Awesome video, thank you!

    Jason EstesJason EstesOy oldin
  • irst ned to grind a channel out so youre not just welding the surface of the joint...weld be all the way through

    SuperJlonerganSuperJlonerganOy oldin
  • Not enough commercials

    famasmaster2000famasmaster2000Oy oldin

    Robert CowanRobert CowanOy oldin
  • 55:15 was it my phone or was that the video

    Blayk RichardsonBlayk RichardsonOy oldin
  • Great video Andrew.. Question. Do you think that mig welder you have would be good to build roll off dumpsters. IVe done before with a stick welder..It took so long and we lost on timing with it or rather underestimated the time. do to stick. Nothing to heavy just basic dumpsters? Also what miller welder do you have. I couldnbt get a close look

    Thomas DThomas DOy oldin
  • You make me miss welding and fabrication.

    Andrew SAndrew SOy oldin
  • yo man you got skills been watching your vids very good job

    Victor ArreolaVictor ArreolaOy oldin
  • I'd rather have too much tounge weight on the truck than having a trailer that wants play teeter-totters while I'm driving lol

    sc0tte416sc0tte416Oy oldin
  • Love your videos, but I can't help but ask why do you always work by yourself and why are you always doing anything by yourself? Normally, people would come and talk but it feels like you are in a world by yourself.

    Juan Carlos MunozJuan Carlos MunozOy oldin
  • If they don't find you hansom they better find you handy.

    joseph hooverjoseph hooverOy oldin
  • ok so today well you know just be welding this frame that cracked leads into trailer restoration

    Ethan KorcekEthan KorcekOy oldin
  • Bees make our food, wasps eat our bees.

    Paul Ice-TatePaul Ice-TateOy oldin
  • Do you do everything by yourself?

    Red Lobster InnRed Lobster InnOy oldin
  • I guess the reality behind my jealousy of Andrew's abilities is is preparedness to just do it now.

    Tom HedgerTom HedgerOy oldin
  • Love the tractor! I was taught how to drive on the exact same one.

    Matt NMatt NOy oldin
  • I have a similar paint sprayer. I always clear out the lines and add the preservative stuff. The same way you did in this video. The sprayer has never malfunctioned...and that's since 1995!

  • NICE QUAKE 2 SOUNDTRACK BUDDY, that's one of my go-to get poop done albums.

    Aaron SmileyAaron SmileyOy oldin
  • Andrew I truly appreciate your work , my second time on this episode. Thankyou

    Robert LemoineRobert LemoineOy oldin
  • I love love watching his channel, so knowledgeable and an amazing guy. The young guys needs to watch these videos so they can learn a few trades

    Resale UnlimitedResale UnlimitedOy oldin
  • Fucking beast mode

    DISCO SLIIDE and the pursuit of the princessDISCO SLIIDE and the pursuit of the princessOy oldin
  • the whole frame needs some paint before welding the deck metal sheets

    Ford 1950Ford 1950Oy oldin
  • I hate to tell you about the binders you're using I've seen them snap writing too and they're not that strong the old school ones are way stronger Denis does new Ratchet ones size the cops never cared about those old binders as long as she tied down the handle to make sure the secured then your ok

    Natostempo 329Natostempo 329Oy oldin

    deez nutzdeez nutzOy oldin
    • The lines pulled the trailer over. They were not high enough. The phone company had to pay for the accident.

      Andrew CamarataAndrew CamarataOy oldin
  • 1:25:03 after all this trailer porn this thing shows up. I really wonder how people use those stuff without getting pulled over. I mean, zero lights, probably no working brakes ... 🙄

    Ruben KelevraRuben KelevraOy oldin
  • Lubrication on that bit while drilling heavier gauge will help keep the temper of your bits a while longer

    Maty DMaty DOy oldin
  • It's really unbelievable how much equipment and tools Andrew has for every job. Amazing he has all that at his age. The welder, the plasma cutter, the truck lift, huge work garage, awesome castle, etc, etc. The welding is something I kick myself a lot for because I never learned it. The kid knows how to fix everything and do everything . Plates even look better than wood. The paint gun. I have one, but not as good as Andrew's. I did call the metal plate to cover the wires in back to protect them when trailer drags. I'm sure most everyone did. I watched all of the video as I do all of his. Who needs television? I have UZworld TV, but I would rather watch UZworld videos like Andrew's and other different ones. I have UZworld tv on pause until October, and then I'll probably drop it. But I digress.

    OmahabigbillOmahabigbillOy oldin
  • You forgot to factor in all the nuts and bolts and washers that you used on the wood deck.

    Big Dog Country MusicBig Dog Country MusicOy oldin
  • How’s the mouse doing?

    Al WoolhouseAl WoolhouseOy oldin
  • Where in the world do you find the time?

    Tom HogartyTom HogartyOy oldin
  • You are a seriously hard-working and creative guy, Andrew. Nice job on your trailer!

    Mark LeahyMark LeahyOy oldin
  • Way too many ads. Should go 10 min or so minimum between ads. It’s like cable tv now.

    Gabe MorrowGabe MorrowOy oldin
  • Not being picky but if you’re putting 10k pounds on the trailer you may think about adding brakes. It weighs more then your pickup when loaded.

    TanhandsTanhandsOy oldin
  • 1:28:39. thats why todays 5 ton trailer ramps have those legs on them so that it doesnt happen.

    superunknown ?superunknown ?Oy oldin
  • Pre trip inspection is required and critical.

    Stephen Safran iiiStephen Safran iiiOy oldin
  • Saludos de argentina te falta el !!!!!mate!!!! en el medio del trabajo un abrazo grande

    Emir David gariglioEmir David gariglioOy oldin
  • this was a excelent movie i enjoy every minute

    giuliano ingraogiuliano ingraoOy oldin
  • to prevent overspray that gets on your tires, spray them down with WD-40 or an Armor-all tire shine, the paint spray wont stick to the tire.

    Jason VoorheesJason VoorheesOy oldin
  • I have done every job you just did. It took me a lifetime to get to the way you... and I do it. The stainless fasteners is a great touch. I like to rotary brush ground connections and add dielectric grease so they never rust. Nice video Andrew.

    Roger WhitingRoger WhitingOy oldin